Athletes Dream Online Foundation has been developed following a seven year journey around the globe by Co-Founder Ash Smith who integrated into, and extensively observed the field of Athlete Career Development. Since 2012 Ash has been fortunate to spend rare time with World Leaders of Sports Administration in Australia, Europe & Asia and the creators of Sports Management & Sponsorship in the United States.

After meeting with over 40 Local, National & International Federations of Sport, Olympic Committees and attending many of the Worlds Premier Sports Events to learn of the most pressing needs in Athlete Career Development, Athletes Dream Online Foundation has been created to positively change the world through Youth, Education and Sport.

By providing elite Student Athletes with a fully funded Online Education, Athletes Dream Online Foundation will create a positive opportunity for Global Corporations to support, align and follow our qualified Student Athletes. Each Corporation or individual donating, will partner with us and forever be recognized as an integral part of our exciting new Global Education platform.

We are creating a new unique Worldwide Educational model providing participating Global corporations with an exceptional, positive and inspiring International marketing opportunity.

We employ world leading accounting and money management firms to ensure total transparency with our Public Charity; IRS status of 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

Want to change the world with us?

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