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Throughout the world, High School Student Athletes outside the United States of America have limited scholarship opportunities to support them in their quest for a University Education. Athletes Dream Online Foundation is creating a unique global Education fund to provide international online scholarships at no cost to the Athlete, subject to individual qualification.


The financial burden of University Education will be removed and allow the Student Athlete the opportunity to study and maintain their elite sport performance in their home country and will be available in multiple languages. This platform will provide supporting corporations with a new and exciting International marketing campaign to celebrate long into the future. Ultimately the Athletes will become successful sports role models and will become tomorrow’s influential leaders

Long Term Change

Around the World Student Athletes are some of the most respected and identifiable individuals, looked up to as role models by their peers and the next generation of Student Athletes. 

This is a positive opportunity for International Business’ to help create Community and World Leaders by being a part of our Global Education Platform that will provide the Best International Athletes with Online University Scholarships.

We will be creating opportunities for future generations of Academically and Athletically gifted individuals which can provide leading open minded Global Companies with a positive and inspirational story to consider developing into a substantial and meaningful International Marketing campaign.

Market need extends to all Olympic Nations, all Summer & Winter Sports, for Male & Female. 

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